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Original, personal, and customized artwork

How to Commission Me

     Hi! If you're interested in commissioning me for original artwork, you're at the right place. Before making a serious inquiry, please read my Pricing page.

     First, please note that I may not be able to respond to all commission requests right away. I will try to get to you in 1-3 business days, but if my queue is backed up it may take some time! Thank you for your understanding!

     For all commission requests, please send me an email at or contact me through my Instagram with the following list of requirements:

- Subject: Commission Inquiry

- Your name

- What you are interested in commissioning me to draw/paint

- The size of the artwork

- (optional) If you have a time or date you need it completed by (for example: if you are purchasing for a gift, event, etc.)

If you are seeking a certain time frame, please make your commission request far enough in advance so that I may have time to complete it and specify exactly when it's needed. A tight deadline will be an additional charge. Thank you!

Any additional notes/requests. The easier it is to understand, the faster it is to settle a commission!

     After receiving your commission request, I will respond to your email letting you know how my queue looks, if I am able to accept it at that time, and any further questions I may have.

     If your commission is accepted, I will have further follow up questions about details, whether that be of the subject or the visuals, so I may create the most personal work according to what you're looking for. I will also ask for photos of the subject (if necessary.) If possible, please make sure you can provide high quality photos with multiple angles. This is important for accuracy if the subject is a person or pet.

     If I am not able to accept your commission request at that time due to a high queue or a very busy schedule, I will let you know with an emailed response. But your request will not be ignored! You will be added to the queue, and I will reach back out to you as soon as I can via email where we can begin the process.

     Thank you for reading!


- I will NOT draw gore, NSFW, or anything sacrilegious.

- Damage policy appliesIf the painting/drawing arrives with paint/color missing with proof, it may be returned, refined, then sent back without any additional cost.

- If the painting/drawing arrives heavily damaged and it is unrepairable (tears/rips/dents) with proof, full price of painting will be refunded.

Shipping Details


Shipping is included in the commission price (see Pricing)


 - All traditional non-painted commissions will be shipped within 1-3 business days once completed.

 - All traditional painted commissions will be shipped within 1-3 business days once fully dried and varnished (drying time depends on the medium; information will be provided in the email.) Oil paintings can take up to a week to dry. Please be considerate of this if there is a deadline.

- All digital commissions will be provided with an unwatermarked version sent via email and in HD quality. If a print of your digital commission is requested, I will work with you to discuss details and any further pricing.

- Commissioner will be able to request photo/video progress updates on their commission via email or social media, or to keep it a surprise.

- If your commission is a gift, personal notes/cards can be requested and written; simply let me know once I accept your commission request.

If you have any more questions that are related to or separate from commissions, please submit them under Contact Me

Thank you!

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