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(Frequently Asked Questions)

What supplies do you use for your traditional and digital artwork?

    For my current traditional artwork, I use the brand Copic for my marker drawings, blended with Prismacolor brand colored pencils for added detail.

For my oil paintings, I use Winsor and Newton brand oils, and Gamblin brand paint thinners and mediums. I also use Turpenoid Natural as a brush conditioner, and Utrecht No Odor Paint Thinner as a paint cleaner/thinner.

    For my current digital artwork, I draw on Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom brand art tablet.

How long have you been drawing for?

    Art has always been something that comes natural to me, even when I was a toddler. Some people's definition of how long a person has been drawing for is how long they have been pursuing it professionally. However, I feel it begins when you've found the urge to improve and are inspired by that process, when that spark is ignited. I've been told by my mother that that spark has always existed in me. At the age of 3 I began drawing my surroundings and what I saw during my day-to-day life, and from then on my idea of what art was expanded. I didn't begin to realize that art could become my profession in the future until age 9.


October, 2009 (age 5): 

October, 2014 (age 10)

Have you decided what career you want to pursue in the art field?

    Short answer: Sort of. Long answer: Well... When I was younger, I used to always tell myself that I wanted to do everything and anything when it came to art once I got older and made it my profession. As I matured and began understanding the world more, I started to realize that there was discipline involved in an art career, and that idea scared me. I questioned if going down multiple branches in the art field was a good idea, or if limiting myself to one was a safer option. Through trial and error (and many existential crisis episodes) I found that I gained the most happiness from not putting a label on who I was as an artist. I love the process of creation, and that comes in many forms. Do I want to animate some day? Yes! Do I want to write books and illustrate them? Yes! Do I want to continue freelance work and hang my art in galleries? Definitely! And each of these steps and phases will come with time and dedication. That is more relieving to me than deciding here and now what field I want to pursue, while still taking the process of making art a livelihood seriously.

What is your favorite style to work in?


     At the moment I have really enjoyed depicting animals in human-like circumstances, hence my Renaissance Pet series, using oil paint.

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