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Sophia Angelique

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meowna lisa.jpg

"Meowna Lisa" 2023 16 x 20 oil painting

   In a light-hearted and passionate impression, I took Leonardo da Vinci's classic "Mona Lisa" and turned her into a sly feline. In November of 2022, I began working at Purrista Cat Cafe in Erie, PA. Through that experience, I've developed an ongoing love and deeper appreciation for our independent feline friends--after growing up a predominantly dog-loving child. 

   I've always had a particular taste and admiration for Renaissance art, and in fall of 2023 I've since begun capturing my own versions of classic paintings with other animal combinations as a way to see our domesticated friends in a new, fun, and hilariously sophisticated light. Check out the start to my Renaissance & Victorian Pet series.

   This original painting is not yet for sale, but prints can be found Here.

More originals

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Meet the Artist

I'm Sophia Angelique

20 years old

   The human imagination is ever-expanding and limitless. My mission is to express this by bringing wonder and ideas to life, combining a sense of fantasy and realism to create something entirely new.

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high quality, available in multiple sizes

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Anime and Realism

stylized art completed on either a digital platform or a classic canvas

Oil Painting_edited.png

Why I do Both

   Balancing the task of creating something that resembles what we know in real life, versus something entirely stylized and imagined, can become quite tricky. For many years I battled if dabbling in both worlds was really the journey for me. But while I thrive in the practice of adapting realism into my own reality, taking the characters we know and love from animated TV shows or even placing something real into a world visually fictional and unique instills just how limitless art truly is.

   Allowing myself to embrace several aspects of creativity instead of limiting myself to what may be seen as traditional has positively influenced my growth as an artist and has scratched that "itch" of what it means to test my limits.

customer-based art that's personalized to best represent your vision, available in several mediums