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Damage Policy


- If the painting arrives with paint missing with proof, it may be returned, refined, then sent back without any additional cost.

- If the painting arrives heavily damaged and it is unrepairable (tears/rips, dents) with proof, full price of painting including shipping will be refunded.

If any of this occurs, please contact me personally at my email,, to discuss details.

Rock of Lake Tahoe

  • 16x20 Oil on Canvas

    1. Finished with a matte varnish.
    2. Vibrant colors as seen in photo
    3. Protectively packed and shipped with padding in cardboard box.
    4. Signature in corner.


          Oil painting was something I once only dreamt of doing. Constantly hearing the news that it was one of the most difficult mediums to approach was daunting. This painting, one of my first ever finished oil pieces, is dedicated to the woman who helped me take that leap of faith and turn that dream into a reality.

          When I visited my home state, California, to stay with my brother, I decided to get involved in the art scene during my stay. That was where I met the mentour who took me under her wing and guided me through the act of patience and practice when it comes to oil painting. She held a fond memory from her visit to Lake Tahoe before the California fires, and I chose to capture it with the painting she encouraged me to begin. Many know of the iconic large rocks that take over the shore, and it was a very fun focal point to work on. Thank you, April, for encouraging me to embrace my passion!